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Our payment system is linked directly to our ordering and subscription system. This automation allows us to keep our customer subscription cost low. With direct deposits, we would need to manually link each customers payment to subscriptions via bank statements. This would be an expensive administration cost each year.

We would prefer that our clients continue to use the automatic system so we can keep our yearly subscription price low.

We do understand that security of credit card information is extremely important. Tracking Mate website is a secure site and we use all the latest technology to minimise any risk, including the use of tokens to replace credit card details

How does the tracker work?

The data stored in the tracker will need to be transmitted at some point. People often believe and become confused that GPS satellites are also communication satellites. GPS satellites only transmit data; they do not receive data from your device

  1. Bluetooth is free to transmit and receive, but you are limited to the range of the bluetooth, which is generally only 10 metres. This has significant limitation and is not a very effective way to track you asset
  2. Data SIM card: This is the most cost effective way to transmit. The data is transmitted over the cellular network there is a subscription cost. A lot of companies advertise free simcard included, however the simcard will still need to be activated with a telco. This can become more expensive then a package deal. Example, A prepaid simcard with a major telco is currently $100 for 180 days. Tracking Mate includes 12 month data simcard subscription in the initial sale.
  3. Satellite communication: has a greater coverage, but a significant great subscription cost.

Yes, all of our trackers have GPS chipsets.

There are a lot of products that claim to work off the Global Position System (GPS) but in fact only work off Bluetooth or Cellular telephonic.  A true GPS device will receive geolocation information anywhere on Earth where there is an unobstructed line of sight to four or more GPS Satellites via a GPS chipset.

These are NOT fitted with GPS Chipsets

Caution, Tracker Buttons/Tiles

Be mindful there are a lot of devices on the market that are not fitted with a GPS chipset but claim to be a GPS tracker. “Tracker Button/Tile” which often claim to be a GPS tracker only work via Bluetooth. Bluetooth has a limitation of 10metres

Functionality is extremely important and thus purchasing the correct hardware (GPS Tracker) and software interface is vital. It is important that your hardware is capable to record a range of data and that there is an easy to use software to view and change desired settings
Some key features to consider;
1. What type of alerts and monitoring system?
If the device is connected to a server where the data can be monitored

2. There are 3 main type of alerts notification,
SMS, the device send a notification directly to pre-programed phone number that an alert has occurred
Email Alert, The device then sends the data to a server.
Push Notification. A GPRS alert is sent to a mobile via a tracking app

3. Does the device have a Geo Fence function?
A geo fence is a virtual boundary which can be created by the user. If the vehicle leaves the virtual boundary (Geo Fence) an alert is triggered

4. Does it have Sleep Mode function?
Low power draw can be a concern. GPS chipsets consume a lot of power. Look for one with a vibration sensor fitted. Once idle, (Vehicle is parked) the device ‘goes to sleep’ as such. One that will save power by only periodically checking it’s in the location that left it, but one that will ‘wake up’ the second the vehicle moves.

5. Does the device have a backup battery if the power is cut?

6. What alerts can I set?
A good device will have vast range of alert you can select or deselect, Examples are;
• If the vehicle moves for a period of time (Tow alert)
• If the power is disconnected or cut
• ACC on and off
• Speeding

There are a vast range of frequencies for different networks in Australia. 2G GSM is currently being shut down, We recommend not to buy a GSM tracker as most major Telcos have closed their GSM networks in Australia and it will not work

3G utilises new technology called UMTS as its core network architecture. It is important that if you are going to buy the device only (No subscription) that you research the frequency the device transmits on and if it is compatible with your desired teleco. At Tracking Mate we will guarantee the tracker supplied works on the required frequency


Australia has some of the best standards. These standards are to ensure products are designed to meet high safety standards, built with quality and safe components and have minimal risk of injury or damage to property.  

Cheaper imports often fail to comply with these standards and are often built with inferior products, which do not last in Australian conditions. At Tracking Mate, all our products are tested to the approved safety standards and we are registered as an approved supplier on the ACMA national database (so make sure you look for RCM tick).


Australia is a harsh country, Heat, humidity, dust, and rough corrugated dirt road.

• What is the operating Temperature?
The heat inside a locked vehicle can increase dramatically in the summer months. It is important to have a tracker that can work in extreme temperatures.

• What is the IP rating? (International protection Marking)
Dust alongside humidity will shorten the life of the components. Is it dust and waterproof

• GPS Chipset
SIRF and Ublox are awesome quality GPS chipsets. They’re not cheap. Just because it says SIRF IV chip on the box, doesn’t mean it is. A LOT are Chinese copies. They don’t like our conditions, and often fail.

Tracking mate uses U-blox GPS chipsets

Our fees at Tracking Mate include the data simcard subscription, data storage and customer support. We do supply the tracker by themselves, but our package which includes data subscription are designed to be cost effective to consumers. Depending on the product you have selected, the 1 year subscription is included. After the 1st 12months, the annual fee is $180 per year.

Be mindful of any advertisement claiming to have no ongoing cost. GPS tracking devices require a means to transmit the data. Most common form is data simcard via a telco. Example Telstra, which is often referred to as M2M, (Machine to Machine).

Some companies will provide the simcard for free, but the purchaser is required to activate the card, which can result in a costly monthly subscription plus additional data storage fees.

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