How does the tracker transmit the data? Bluetooth, Data Sim, or Satellite

The data stored in the tracker will need to be transmitted at some point. People often believe and become confused that GPS satellites are also communication satellites. GPS satellites only transmit data; they do not receive data from your device

  1. Bluetooth is free to transmit and receive, but you are limited to the range of the bluetooth, which is generally only 10 metres. This has significant limitation and is not a very effective way to track you asset
  2. Data SIM card: This is the most cost effective way to transmit. The data is transmitted over the cellular network there is a subscription cost. A lot of companies advertise free simcard included, however the simcard will still need to be activated with a telco. This can become more expensive then a package deal. Example, A prepaid simcard with a major telco is currently $100 for 180 days. Tracking Mate includes 12 month data simcard subscription in the initial sale.
  3. Satellite communication: has a greater coverage, but a significant great subscription cost.
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