Push Notifications

The MS03 app allows user to receive “Push Notifications”. These notifications are an ideal way to receive notifications regarding events/alerts from your tracker at no cost.

Each event can be set to receive a notification, which provides great flexibility for a vast range of application. Depending on your applications, there will be events that you will want recorded, but you will not want a push notification each time.

Example, Cornering, Your tracker might be set to record an event each time it changes an angle. This is great for accurate and real time tracking, however if the tracker is in a motorvehicle or trailer, you will not want a notification each time you go around a corner.

Within the setting of the MS03 app you can switch on and off individual event/alert notifications.

We do recommend the following notification;

  • Exit Geo Fence
  • External Battery Cut
  • Low External Battery
  • Tow Alert

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