What are the important key features that I should consider?

Functionality is extremely important and thus purchasing the correct hardware (GPS Tracker) and software interface is vital. It is important that your hardware is capable to record a range of data and that there is an easy to use software to view and change desired settings
Some key features to consider;
1. What type of alerts and monitoring system?
If the device is connected to a server where the data can be monitored

2. There are 3 main type of alerts notification,
SMS, the device send a notification directly to pre-programed phone number that an alert has occurred
Email Alert, The device then sends the data to a server.
Push Notification. A GPRS alert is sent to a mobile via a tracking app

3. Does the device have a Geo Fence function?
A geo fence is a virtual boundary which can be created by the user. If the vehicle leaves the virtual boundary (Geo Fence) an alert is triggered

4. Does it have Sleep Mode function?
Low power draw can be a concern. GPS chipsets consume a lot of power. Look for one with a vibration sensor fitted. Once idle, (Vehicle is parked) the device ‘goes to sleep’ as such. One that will save power by only periodically checking it’s in the location that left it, but one that will ‘wake up’ the second the vehicle moves.

5. Does the device have a backup battery if the power is cut?

6. What alerts can I set?
A good device will have vast range of alert you can select or deselect, Examples are;
• If the vehicle moves for a period of time (Tow alert)
• If the power is disconnected or cut
• ACC on and off
• Speeding

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